New Client Offer: One Week of Classes

New clients local to the LA area are invited to join us for one week to experience seven of our classes in sound baths, breathwork, yoga, meditation and more for $44.*

you can meditate

Meditation is a practice that innately resides in all of us and by holding space in a group setting we are able to recalibrate that inner habit. Just by making a commitment to be still is the first step in your meditation journey.
Hallowed Ground has a curated sacred objects from artisans that represent the magic of the West Coast. These items include: crystals, books, jewelry, tarot cards, candles, sage and more.

Located just one block from the sunny shores of Venice Pier.
Unmetered street parking can be found on Strongs Drive and Washington Boulevard.

114 Washington Boulevard Suite B, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 881-9591

About Us

Hallowed Ground is a meditation studio and crystal and gift shop showcasing items to support your daily spiritual practice. We aim to create a community where all can come together in our mindfulness journey on Mother Earth.