Thursdays @ 8pm: Dominic Moore - Holographic Sound Therapy

This class heals the throat chakra through voice, listening, meditation, silence and sound. The power of sound will create space for those to improve their voice with tonal matching and those needing to improve listening become comfortable with quiet.


$24.00 per person



About this experience

This unique healing experience uses the power of sacred geometric sound vibrations based on the Flower of Life from combining vocal toning and crystal singing bowls to assist in removing or transforming from the cellular level to the ethereal any blockages to your true potential and being your authentic self. We bring in your oversoul chakras creating a holographic unity field that enables your 3-dimensional being to access multi-dimensions to address past lives, ancestral burdens, cellular trauma, subconscious and auric fatigue. Also you can experience cleared and aligned chakras as well as harmony within physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being. Suggested done seated however you can lay down on your back.

Your Host

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For 18 years Dominic has been an Intuitive Energy Guide to de-stress, empower and bring harmony for people one on one or within groups by allowing himself to be a clear channel of Light & Love via soundbaths, shamanic journeying, ancestral healing, chakra harmonizing, massage & spatial clearings/house blessings. Dom enjoys connecting with Spirit through Nature.

Certified Massage Technician 2002 Redondo Beach, CA
Certified Holographic Sound Practitioner 2011 Austin, TX
Certified Tuning Fork Practitioner 2012 EchoPark, CA