Wednesday 10am - Tonya Michelle SOUL TEA: Prenatal Yoga & Meditation

Connect to your innate feminine wisdom while feeling held in loving community amongst women throughout your birthing journey. Soul Tea Prenatal Yoga will gift you with treasured moments to drop-in to your personal experience and claim your immense power as a woman to bring new life into the world. Featuring yoga, movement, and meditation, Soul Tea Prenatal Yoga is a holistic approach to pregnancy the Khalsa Way, based on the ancient teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the father of Kundalini Yoga in the West. The founding principle of this method is “As a woman lives, so shall she birth.”


$24.00 per person


1h 20min

About this experience

Consider Soul Tea Prenatal Yoga your access to empowering, soulful intel on how to care for and nourish your threefold structure ~ mind, body & spirit ~ for the benefit of you and your baby. Equally as important as giving yourself permission, is the technical know-how to expand the caliber and capacity of your mental faculties, allowing you to gain awareness around your physical and energetic bodies to create this connected space between you and the womb life you carry.
In honor of the Divine Feminine, Mother & Goddess that is you ~*

As a Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga teacher, Tonya designs public classes and private sessions to support women in creating a conscious womb throughout their birthing journey, serving as a loving reminder to Trust Your Intuition. Whether you feel incredibly connected to the journey of pregnancy itself, or not, every moment is part of your unique experience.
Warm, nurturing classes allow you to release stress and pressure of daily life and create a space where you can focus entirely on your inner Self and your pregnancy.

Motherhood connects a woman to the Divine Mother. This is a time to build strength and trust in your intuition, and promote calm, radiance, health and happiness, to ensure the right atmosphere for your baby to enter into the world. Each prenatal yoga class includes stretching, strengthening (squats and kegels), “keep Up exercise” to overcome limitations of the mind, breathing exercises and meditations, movement to facilitate the alignment and opening of the pelvis, and deep relaxation. All created to uplift and inspire, while allowing time to connect with your baby and each other. All women at any stage in their pregnancy are welcome.

“You can change the destiny of the child just by the way you breathe, just by the way you move.”
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Your Host

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A passionate creator, mentor, and truth activator, Tonya shares her gifts as a Kundalini yoga teacher, Prenatal yoga teacher, Youth Mentor, Birth Doula, and Pre/Post Natal educator, offering healing guidance through Soulful Self-care practices, both publicly and privately. She created Soul Tea to encourage the intentional nourishment and connection to Self through breath, movement, mantra, meditation, and relaxation.
Tonya offers this healthful elixir for all levels inviting you to access your own inner wisdom, build strength in surrender, and have a powerful, personal experience.
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