Thursday 10:30am -Cristina Aragon Reiki - Karmic Release & Chakra Balancing

A weekly meditation practice that will help you develop your sense of self awareness by creating positive energetic shifts that will help you realign both your spiritual, and physical realities.


$24.00 per person



About this experience

This class will help you heal and clear karmic ties and energetic blockages that prevent you from being in alignment with your higher self.

Come awaken your spirit by starting your day with this Reiki infused sound meditation. Over time many of us experience traumas that have resulted in energetic blockages. This can deeply affect us mentally, spiritually, and physically. Using Reiki, sound, visualization, and cord cutting, I will help guide you as you heal and clear on an energetic and karmic level. We will begin by grounding and cleansing our bio-energetic field using tuning forks. I will proceed by giving reiki to activate your chakras (we will work on a different chakra every week). Then, using a drum and other Native American Instruments I will guide you through a meditation in which you will be given the opportunity to explore and dive deep within yourself. During this time you will experience a trance that will awaken and bring awareness to different parts of your mind, body, and spirit that need healing. We will be clearing karmic ties and stagnant energies that link us to our past and past lives in order to align with our highest selves. You will leave this class feeling light and filled with self awareness. Releasing low vibrations and becoming aware of your energetic shifts is vital to your health and expansion. Start your day by making room for positive new energy to flow through your mind, body, and spirit!

Your Host

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My name is Cristina, and I am a certified Intuitive Reiki Master, with training in sound healing. I believe that meditating and maintaining a positive frequency and vibrational flow is vital to our health, both physically and spiritually. Growing up in an environment where holistic healing was part of my indigenous culture awakened a great sense of self-awareness within me. These experiences influenced me greatly and lead me directly to the path that I now follow. Helping others become aware of themselves through my practice truly brings a unique sense of joy and fulfillment to my spirit. My goal is to spread my light in order to help others, after all, I believe that one must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.