Monday 9am - Ana Carolina Quantum Meditation: Awakening Inner Power

Meditation is to develop intuitive power, healing abilities, mind control and spiritual connection. The success of the system is based on the mind, body, soul and environment directly connected.


$24.00 per person



About this experience

These weekly guided meditations are designed to stimulate you to develop your greatest potential by accessing dramas that hold you in some way.

Quantum meditation is a powerful opportunity to change your life at the
cellular level. This unique technique has been used to heal the body and
create its world. Beliefs shape our experiences. Are you ready to change
your belief system, rearranging daily patterns, health, wealth and
relationships? Let's start with exercises to activate the body's breathing
power. Then we will begin to meditate, and through mental triggers
awaken the experience of a journey full of internal changes and expansion
of the spiritual connection. You will learn how to access your energy to
change beliefs, heal the body, and increase your intuition in a
strengthened way.

Your Host

Ana Carolina is a thetahealer certified by the Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge, Bigfork/MT. She is certified in Reiki, Numerology and Quantum Healing with Hypnosis, by the Integrative Therapies in Brazil. She is also a facilitator of the Access Bars, by the Access Consciousness, Stafford/Texas.