Pure Love Soy Candle

Brunswick Rose Soy Candle- 100% Natural Pure Love Rose Scent | 100% Toxin and Phthalate Free


NATURAL ROSE INCENSE- This Rose Soy Candle is made from the freshest of roses, providing you with a captivating fragrance that doesn’t just cover the room but also helps you love yourself.

ROMANTIC AMBIANCE- Are you looking to set the tone for that date night, romantic getaway or wedding anniversary? The Pure Love Rose Soy Candle has you covered with the perfect romantic ambiance needed to spice things up.

AMAZING SCENT- We have made this candle from a potent blend of natural soy wax and the purest of rose flowers to offer an amazing aroma without posing any health issues to you or your body. It is absolutely toxin and phthalate free.

IDEAL GIFT CHOICE- Made to offer a unique pure love scent, this candle is an ideal gift choice for anyone you love- be it your spouse, friend, family member, and even yourself!


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