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Owl Medicine Candle 11oz



Scent: Pine Cones + Birch

This gorgeous candle calls in the energy of the Owl spirit.

Light this candle with the intention to call in the most powerful elements of this great animal to support you.

Inspired by magical encounters of the Owls flying over the House of Two Spirits Tipi during ceremony and making their presence known. It is when dusk turns to night, that the fragrance of the earth comes alive.

The aromatic fragrance of Pine Cones + Birch transports you into the wilderness surrounded by nature and majestic fir trees and will awaken and connect your soul with this most otherwordly animal teacher, guide and healer.

Infused with premium fragrance and essential oils, 11 oz. candle in Matte Black Vessel with black gift box, Soy wax, braided cotton wick.

55 - 60 hours burn time

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