Tuesday 9am - Danielle White Mindfulness Meditation to Start Your Day

Meditations for cultivating happiness, inner peace, and emotional regulation. Become incredibly curious about your own mind and see who you really are beneath all the stories.


$24.00 per person



About this experience

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve focus, strengthen adaptability, enhance creativity, and reduce stress and anxiety. In this practice of complete surrender to the present moment, we cultivate happiness through awareness and acceptance of our experience. Using breath and body sensations, we will tap into our deep-rooted belief systems and connect to ourselves on a profound and soulful level. As we incline our minds towards peace and calm, we open up space for intuition and inspired action. Easily integrated into everyday life, these techniques will get you off to a vibrant start and transform your world from moment to moment.

Your Host

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Danielle White is certified in Mindfulness, Mindful Communication, and Difficult Emotions. She currently studies Eastern View and Holistic Healing and is a co-organizer of Worthy Beyond Purpose, a non-profit organization that teaches mindfulness and meditation to kids, teachers, and communities.