Wednesday 9am - Connie Clotworthy : Insight Guided Meditation

Insight Meditation is a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens, to see things as they really are.


$24.00 per person



About this experience

A variety of weekly guided meditations will be offered to help you get in touch with who you are at your core and to peacefully journey into the playground that lies within.

We will be cultivating mindfulness and awareness. Through the process of mindfulness, we slowly become aware of who we really are, down below our egos image. We wake up to what life really is. Appreciating life for everything it is, opening our eyes to all of its messages and meanings. Developing deep Insights to help us break down our walls and live as our authentic selves. Using our breath as a focus, we will be training our minds and diving into our soul’s depths. Motivated by her own journey of what happens when you connect to the power that lies
within, Connie is dedicated to teaching others how to access theirs.

Your Host

Connie Clotworthy is a certified Vipassana Meditation teacher and is also certified in Difficult Emotions and Mindful Communications. Connie is also Co-Founder of Worthy Beyond Purpose, a non-profit organization that teaches mindfulness and meditation to children,
teachers, and communities.