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Horse Medicine Candle 11oz



Scent: Brushed Suede

This gorgeous candle calls in the energy of the Horse spirit.

Light this candle with the intention to call in the most powerful teachings of this great animal to support you.

Inspired by the greatest teacher and guide I have had on this journey of life, my beloved horse, Tuxedo.

Millions of steps we have walked together on the trails, gathering wisdom and lessons from nature. The whispering trees, the gentle breezes combined with the sound of his hooves solidly meeting the earth, his massive and muscular body beneath me that so graciously supports and carries me on our adventures together.

Brushed Suede is a warm and subtle masculine fragrance with notes of suede, jasmine and musk that invoke the essence of the horse, and will facilitate in awakening and connecting your soul to this great animal teacher, guide and healer.

Infused with premium fragrance and essential oils, 11 oz. candle in Matte Black Vessel with black gift box, Soy wax, braided cotton wick. Made in Los Angeles.

55-60 hours burn time.


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