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Dolphin Medicine Candle 11oz



Scent: Volcano Capri Blue

This gorgeous candle calls in the energy of the Dolphin spirit.

Light this candle with the intention to call in the most powerful elements of this great animal to support you.

Inspired by the Dolphins playing in the surf close to the shore on the beaches of Malibu. I have walked many miles on the sands of the Pacific here for healing and when I would see the Dolphins dancing alongside me, I would put my feet in the water to be one with their joyous energies filling every cell of my body. It was refreshing, cleansing and healing.

Volcano is one of my very favorite fragrances with notes of tropical fruits and sugared citrus. It is familiar and uplifting and will invoke the awakening and connecting your soul to this great animal teacher, guide and healer.

Infused with premium fragrance and essential oils, 11 oz. candle, Soy wax, gift box.

55 - 60 hours burn time.

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