Chakra Healings Rings - Gold & Silver

Chakras are subtle, dynamic energy vortexes that influence every aspect of our lives. 

Crown: clear, white, violet.  Subtle element: Intelligence.  

God consciousness, spiritual intelligence.

Third Eye: indigo, dark blue.  Subtle element: Mind.  

Seeing, inner vision, intuition, comprehension.

Throat: light blue.  Element: Ether.  

Communication, expression, higher will. 

Heart: green, pink.  Element: Air.

Love, surrender, balance, acceptance, devotion.

Solar Plexus: yellow.  Element: Fire.

Will, personal power, perseverance, emotion.

Sacral: orange.  Element: Water.

Physical vitality, sex desire, earthly emotions.

Base: red, black.  Element: Earth.  

Physical body, survival, past impressions, raw energy. 

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