Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - Sara Wing Yin Yoga

A serene and slow practice to nourish your body and mind and harmonize your vital life energy. Sitting in each posture for some time to enjoy effortless ease and stillness in each moment while receiving light hands-on healing touch.


$24.00 per person



About this experience

Balancing fast-paced lifestyle with this mindfulness-focused yin yoga practice, we slow down the physical body, still the mental and emotional body, and stabilize the flow of qi in energetic body.

Beginning with a gentle movement warm-up, then sitting/laying in each yin posture for several minutes – breathing and simply being – with the option of receiving healing touch. With time in each posture, the muscles relax while the tissues and fascia lengthen and strengthen – releasing physical tension and energetic blockages, and creating internal space and serenity.

This fully inward journey cultivates fluidity and clarity in body and awareness.

Your Host

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Sara shares practices of cultivating energy and peace through movement, mindfulness, meditation, and massage. She earned her yoga teaching certification with True Nature Wellness in 2015, and since then has enjoyed supporting students on their journeys of developing strength and serenity for life.