Balance Soy Candle

Brunswick Balance Soy Candle - 100% Natural Balanced Candles | Perfect Blend of Lavender, Cucumber & Sage


100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS- The Balanced Soy Candle is made of 100% natural ingredients to ensure a beautifully scented atmosphere without compromising on your health.

A PERFECT BLEND- This candle features a perfect balance of lavender, Cucumber and Sage mixed with natural soy wax to provide a perfectly blended candle that fulfills numerous purposes.

MORE BENEFITS- Boasting a good amount of Lavender which is good for relaxation and a potent combination of cucumber and sage for cleansing feeling, you are sure to enjoy more benefits from this one.

GIFT TO SOMEONE- Crafted to offer unlimited uses and numerous benefits, you can buy this as a gift for anyone including yourself.

8 oz

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