Ammonite Fossil on Gold Stand - Short


These fossils may vary in characteristics due to them being natural.  The way the ammonites fit in the stand may also vary as each stand is custom made to fit the ammonite.

measures approx.: 9" x 5" x 5" including stand

weighs: .345 kg

These Ammonites on metal stands are perfect for your home or office decor! You can also put them in your meditation space or even gift to someone!

These fossils are said to be a "Earth-Healing fossil. Since they are approx. 240-65 million years old, they are also said to have absorbed cosmic energy! They are known to be a stone of luck, bringing well being and prosperity. The spiral shape are said to represent constant change and evolution.  Ammonites are sea creatures that belong to a group know as the cephalopods. Their closest living relatives are squid, octopus, and nautilus. They lived and became extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs, 240-65 million years ago!

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