Friday 9am Megan Weinberg Stillness And Breath


$24.00 per person



About this experience

In this class we will align yogic movement and stillness with the breath promoting a calm mind and peaceful energy exertion. We will see what happens when we take a small portion of the day and dedicate it to getting out of the stream of thinking and into the body instead.

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“The more I learn, the less I know”

For the first 4 months of practicing yoga I did not set foot into a classroom, instead I watched YouTube videos daily. I was hooked but was not willing to let other see me, scared of being judged and rejected for not being ‘perfect’ at yoga. For most of my life I had been chronically depressed and suffered from addiction.

I finally set foot into a classroom and I was hooked. I liked the high it gave me after words. Only months later did I have a deeper experience of what yoga can be in and out of the classroom.

In my process I have found that it’s not about the high afterwords. It’s about using your breath, physical movement as tools to help you get into a state of flow like meditation, a state of presence, acceptance, and awareness of who you are and what is real in that moment and what is maya (delusion). It’s about being open to new ways of experiencing yoga daily. As my practice changes, so will this understanding.

Everyday a practice, everyday coming closer to self, even when it appears otherwise.