Reopening to Support Mental Health

Our mission since we opened our doors last August, was to create a community where all can come together in our mindfulness journey on Mother Earth.

So when the City of Los Angeles released on May 13, 2020,  guidelines to safely re-institute mental health, substance abuse and other therapeutic support groups - we felt it was our calling to reopen our studio doors.

Meditation and other mindfulness practices have been scientifically proven to support mental health. Benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Reducing depression and anxiety levels
  • Improving sleep
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Boosting emotional level
  • Lessening chronic physical pain

We will be conducting small classes of 10 or less students and closely following health protocols to ensure the safety of those that attend. For more details on what we will be doing, please read this.

Now more than ever, during these unprecedented times, our mental and emotional state needs as much support/protection as our health. We hope that you will join us